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Products & Services

The Products & Services of Canpol Plumbing Ltd

Canpol Plumbing is proud to offer products and services to Victoria and the surrounding areas. Over the past 30 years, we’ve enjoyed meeting new people and providing them with honest service at great rates. We’ve also worked with numerous remodelling contractors in completing successful home renovations. In 30 years of service, we’ve found clear communication to be the key in giving the customer exactly what they want from a plumbing service.

Home Renovations
When completing a home renovation, many homeowners only scratch the surface. If you are remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, the experienced plumbers at Canpol Plumbing can work with your remodeller to ensure everything goes according to plan. We also install sinks, showers, toilets and all the necessary piping. No project is too big or too small, we’ve done them all!

Hot Water Heater Installations
Most hot water heater installations unfortunately occur after a burst tank. In this instance, it’s important to shut off the main water valve to prevent further flooding and call us as soon as possible. We will install a new hot water heater and cart away your old one the same day! As a rule of thumb, most hot water heaters should be replaced every 10 years to prevent bursts or splits.